Waiting for the train that never comes…

So, the B train doesn’t run at weekends.  Thanks for telling me!  I waited on the platform for around 30 minutes, even asking some people of its whereabouts (it’ll be along soon).  It’s quite confusing that none of the signs tell you, apart from the small key at the bottom of the maps.  Always read the small print.

TV advertising over here is very bland, with the occasional notable exception.  Geiko (insurance company) is currently running a series of ads of genius.  Basically, people delivering bad news (judge giving sentence, builder telling a couple their house is as good as derelict etc.) but caveating it with "but I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance".

New York 1 (NY1) is the main local news channel in NYC.  They have the occasional "what’s going on in the world outside New York" slot, but in the main, it’s depressing stuff about who’s been shot in the high street numbers (150+) and the like.  Irrespective of the story being told, however, it seems that none of the reporters’ voices change at all.  The Verrazano Narrows Bridge being 40 years old gets the same intonation as a baby being left in a garbage truck.  Even more so than the BBC’s World Service was famed for.  There’s one news reader whose voice actually belongs on King of the Hill.

Today saw my fourth outing on blades (sorry to harp on), and I successfully completed the full circuit of Central Park.  All the way up to Central Park North.  6.1 miles in total.  In the meantime, saw a couple capsize a rowing boat (not sure how this is possible!) on the imaginatively named The Lake on the west side of the park.


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