Scrambled eggs for the dogs

Martha was doing a cookery program(me) yesterday before her imminent stint in the slammer.  It was all about the different kinds of olive oil that you can buy.  As a throw-away comment, she said that she only uses extra virgin olive oil when cooking scrambled eggs for her dogs.  I’m not quite sure where to start on this one.  I wonder if they’d notice if she ran out of EVOO (as they call it over here) and had to use your run of the mill olive oil, or, heaven forbid, vegetable oil.  I bet they’re not looking forward to their five month sentence of Pal.

There was also a programme advertised entitled The Secret Life of Pies.  Must watch that – I wonder if they hang out as puddings, or flans at the weekend.

The legal system over here seems a little screwy.  Four guys have been arrested in Florida in connection with battering a family of six to death with baseball bats over an X-Box.  (I wouldn’t care, but I don’t reckon they’re that good.)  Three of them have since confessed; the fourth has not.  The police officer in charge has said on the news that the death penalty is the only option for all four of them.  This is before anything’s hit the courts, or the fourth guy has even confessed.  While the UK system can seem unwieldy at times, this kind of case highlights its strong points, and the problems that exist in the US.  Surely there’s something in the constitution to cover this?

Two full laps of the park yesterday – 12.2 miles.  I’m impressed.  I’m sure you are too…


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