The weekend

Not a bad weekend apart from a self-induced headache on Sunday due to late night drinking with Andy & Sarah on Saturday night.  We ate at a Burmese restaurant just off 4th Avenue (I didn’t think there was a 4th, but you live and learn) which was previously flagged by Andy as Nepalese.  While Dal-Bhat is very nice, I was struggling to think what the rest of the menu would have to offer, given the limited variety in Nepal.  The food was great, followed by drinks in the Manhattan Cocktail Lounge (not a cocktail in sight; just bottled Heineken) and on to Reservoir on University Place for pool hustling and general drunkenness.  Surprising how well we played under the circumstances.

The Florida storms came northwards on Saturday night and gave NY a drenching but little in the way of the high winds that had been forecast.  Whenever there’s any rain, no matter how light it seems, flood warnings are broadcast as streaming banners on the main TV channels.  Just wondering what will happen when winter comes around.

The focus at the moment is on furniture and homeware buying, which is nice.  Again, not knowing the US market makes it difficult to work out whether you’re paying over the odds for things.  A couple of trips off the island may be in order to see whether Manhattan is overpriced.

The Olympics have started, and although MSNBC’s coverage is good, it’s obviously very US-focused, so there’s not a great deal of focus on the Brits.  (I see we got a silver in the synchronised diving.  Surely that should count as two.)  Phelps is getting all of the hype, despite South Africa trouncing him (and three others) in the 4x100m freestyle last night.  Let’s see if Thorpe can beat him tonight…


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