Arsenal vs. Man. Utd.

I’ve been reliably informed that once we get cable, we will have the pleasure of more English Premiership matches than you can get in the UK.  Whether they’ll see the light of day over and above programmes like Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens and re-runs of Seinfeld (can you think of a British programme that still gets nightly primetime status eight years after its demise?) is another question entirely.  I’ve always thought it odd that countries like Norway can enjoy Saturday afternoon Premiership football while you can’t do the same in the UK, unless you go to some dodgy pub streaming Norwegian TV.

It’s a shame that Arsenal comes before Bolton alphabetically, giving them a seemingly unjust advantage.  Yeovil Town and York City must feel the brunt of this.  Great to see Man. United’s loss to Chelsea and them languishing in 17th.  I’m sure things will change, but it’s a nice start to the season.

I’m starting to get into the whole baseball thing, and pick up some of the nuances that make it such a popular sport over here.  Going to see the Mets with Andy on Monday, which should enable me to pick up more of the finer details.  Watched the Yankees being beaten 8-2 by the Twins (Minnesota) last night, although at 6-1, it was delicately poised with all the bases loaded and no outs for the Yankees.  It’s a bit like nine-ball (not really) in that quick turnarounds are possible and you’re never out of it.


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