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What’s the connection between:

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The weather here’s turned hot again. It’s 83F at the moment, which will hit 88F before the end of the day. Sultry is the best word for it. Everyone here’s gearing up for the Republican National Convention which is being staged at Madison Square Garden, lasting for four days from tomorrow. There is an expectation of lots of protests and there is a much bigger police presence amid fears of terrorist attacks. I think we’ll steer clear of downtown for the next few days. The NYPD has just arrested two guys from Staten Island (who were nicely named on the news) allegedly plotting to blow up a couple of subway stops along with the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I’m sure this is a publicity stunt to raise the profile of the police immediately before the convention; I find it strange that the two guys have no links to terrorist organisations and possess no explosives. Also, why on earth would Staten Islanders want to blow up the VNB – it’s their only link with civilisation.

The Olympics are coming to a close, and still very little coverage of any American-free events. It was great to see the Brits taking the gold off Maurice "Mo" Green and co. in the men’s 4x100m.


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