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On the PATH train (I recently learnt that this is the Port Authority Trans-Hudson, btw) between World Trade Center and Exchange Place, they have those cool posters that look like a movie.  Forgotten quite how they do it, but essentially, I think there are a bunch of back-lit posters next to each other, spaced according to the rough speed of the train and the number of frames per second that the human eye can take in (I forget that figure, but I’m sure someone out there will know – whether they’re reading this is a whole different story).  The result is that you appear to be watching a movie, which moves a little to the left or a little to the right, depending on whether the train is travelling at exactly the right speed.  The advert being shown at the moment is for some form of car: maybe a Dodge, I couldn’t be sure.  Oh, the power of advertising.

On a separate, if slightly related note, this reminds me of a fascinating conversation with bro’ Ben while I was back in the UK.  Apparently, DVDs have a different number of frames per second than do films projected at the cinema.  One is 24 (I think DVDs), the other is 25.  Because of this, they have to do something wacky (I’ve forgotten what) to make movies into DVDs, the resulting DVD being 4.17% longer (or 4% shorter; again I forget which) than the original film.

I’d like a written explanation of this please (use the comment feature), both for the record, and to smile internally (and possibly externally) about.

In my business life now, I am forced to write in American English (is this a contradiction?) as my client (and company) is American.  However, I’m committed to keeping it real in my ‘blog world.  It’s amazing however that after three weeks’ work, the words travelling and advertising in the above nugget both had to be retrospectively changed from their American equivalents (traveling and advertizing respectively) due to lapsing into the American mindset.  This scares me somewhat…


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