iPod and SpongeBob

On the subway this morning, there was a guy sat down opposite me who had to be the most tired person I have ever seen.  He seemed to be trying to fight his head lolling around, but it was in vain.  It seemed that he was on his way to class (although had probably missed his stop, as we were ploughing through Brooklyn), as he was carrying a book entitled "Pre-calculus".  I don’t hold out much hope for his levels of alertness increasing when he gets there.

Occasionally, by coincidence and nothing more I might add, the music on your iPod perfectly reflects your surroundings.  This morning, just after sitting opposite this guy, Petula Clark chimed in with a lovely rendition of Don’t Sleep In The Subway.  This was succeeded by the wonder that is Guns ‘n Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine, which took me back to my e-Envoy days and Mr. Poole’s highly-irritating ringtone, in full polyphonic glory.  Have you changed it yet, Mark?

SpongeBob (apparently it’s one word with a capital B) is causing a stir again stateside due to his promotion of gay antics.  I love stories like this, which merely highlight that people have got nothing better to do than whinge (an English word, I recently found out).  Get a life…


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  1. Elise on January 26th, 2005 17:32

    I love SpongeBob. I’m not really sure how a cartoon character can be gay seeing as he’s, well, a cartoon character.

    More importantly, if we’re trying to promote good role models in this country, having a warmongering, former coke-head of a President, who’s trying to further isolate Americans from the rest of the world seems a tad worse than an allegedly gay cartoon character (who, incidentally, has not sent over 1,000 residents of Bikini Bottom to their deaths in a foreign country).

    Not sure if I got all my punctuation correct on that one, Dan. I’m sure you’ll inform me of my mistakes.

  2. Dan on January 27th, 2005 04:13

    Never heard of Bikini Bottom (in this context) before. Can you explain?

    As for gay cartoon characters, surely if such characters can be portrayed as straight (e.g. Roger Rabbit, Pepe Le Pew), then they can equally be portrayed as gay (e.g. SBSP)

  3. Elise on January 27th, 2005 06:52

    Bikini Bottom is where SpongeBob & friends live.

    I thought Pepe was gay and just trying to overcompensate in a homophobic cartoon society?

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