Hard drive failures are like buses

No sooner had my wife’s hard drive decided to give up its will to live, mine did the same.  I have installed SP2 of Windows XP twice before, only to find that it screws so badly with my wireless connectivity that I had to uninstall.  I tried today for a third time, and the hard drive failure co-incided with the associated reboot.  SP2 was never meant to be.

It’s odd.  On the previous hard drive failure, I was able to recover the necessary data , but the disk was sufficiently corrupt to shun being reformatted.  With this one, I couldn’t even get a DOS prompt when connecting it remotely, but it seems happy to reformat.  My biggest loss is my 25Gb of tunes, all of which are residing quite happily on our iPods, but the restoration of which on to the laptop would require us to get the CDs out of storage from somewhere in the West Ruislip area of London.

New York has been hit hard by the snow today.  It was strange seeing Canal Street utterly deserted earlier this evening, both of traffic and dodgy bag salesmen (adjective applying to both nouns).  The snow ploughs have been out creating drifts as high as SUVs.  Meanwhile, there are blizzard warnings in place for the New York area until midday tomorrow.  I joked that Andy may be diverted to Atlanta, but apparently, the storms have been felt even that far south, with delays at Atlanta’s airport.


3 Responses to “Hard drive failures are like buses”

  1. AJ on January 23rd, 2005 08:29

    Try – http://www.ipodlounge.com/articles_more.php?id=5090_0_8_0_M for how to restore your library from your ipod. Now that must be worth a few beers next time you’re back in blighty 🙂

  2. Dan on January 23rd, 2005 10:57

    A pint to share between yourself and Mr. Edgley for the useful spot.



  3. andski on January 24th, 2005 16:55

    or try copypod or ipodagent either of which should do the trick for you.

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