I rarely read the Guardian, either online or otherwise (partly because it costs $8 over here).  Apart from the historical download of the Telegraph’s crossword, I’ve never developed a loyalty or become a regular reader of any online newspapers, mainly because of the sheer quality of the BBC’s site.  However, I definitely appreciate that this somewhat insular approach has limited my exposure to, and appreciation of political insight.

Here is a wonderful example of such insight, from David Aaronovitch at the Guardian.  The news of Michael Howard’s playing of the race/immigration card (delete as applicable) in the lead up to this year’s election passed me by on this side of the Atlantic.  This article is a great dissection of the reality behind the policy.  If you’ve not read it, read it.  Unfortunately, the people who should read this are those very people who will go through life blissfully unaware of the article, with their heads buried in the Express or Mail.


2 Responses to “Immigration”

  1. AJ on January 27th, 2005 05:42

    You know what they say “Lies, damm lies and statistics”.

  2. Dan on January 27th, 2005 06:45

    I agree tt statistics are sometimes misleading, but this seems irrefutable. Maybe they should change it to “Lies, damned lies and Tories”…

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