A sad day

There are two stories today that make me sad.

First of all, Auschwitz.  The horror that occurred over 60 years ago in Poland can never be fully appreciated, but the stories that are recounted, generally only every five or ten years when a significant anniversary hits, are a constant reminder of the sheer evil of which humans are capable.

Secondly, today marks Ivan Noble’s final diary.  Ivan has been writing for the BBC about his experiences since being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002.  His humour and honesty have resulted in possibly one of the most important ‘blogs of our time (and therefore ever), and he has developed an unparalleled connection with his audience.  Sadly, this is his last diary entry.

He has helped so many by sharing his journey; he will be sorely missed.  He has demonstrated the power of the internet on a sociological level, and has shown how people who have never met can be brought together through a common thread.  Reading this final entry really brought this home to me.  The internet is great for buying books and flights, getting your Excel macros debugged and chatting with your mates.  Yet perhaps this is an example of the internet at its most powerful.  I wish him peace and love over the coming weeks and months.


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