Taking stuff for granted and new choons

If you walk out to the front of our building, you can see the Statue of Liberty off to the left. If you look to the right from our lounge, you can see (just) the Empire State Building, lit up in green this evening. On occasions, I take them (or at least our proximity to them) for granted, but I shouldn’t.

Yesterday, I redeemed my twelve free iTunes accumulated as a result of the recent Pepsi promotion. Actually, the limit of ten per day meant that I had to redeem two today. Below were my choices:

– There Must Be an Angel, Eurythmics
– Complicated, Avril Lavigne
– Don’t Get Me Wrong, The Pretenders
– Prince Charming, Adam & the Ants
– Sunday Girl, Blondie
– Suicide Blonde, INXS
– December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!), Frankie Valli
– I Say a Little Prayer, Aretha Franklin
– Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Elton John & Kiki Dee
– Jump, Van Halen
– I’m Like a Bird, Nelly Furtado
– I Think We’re Alone Now, Tiffany

This may be the post that generates the most comments of all time (at least on this ‘blog). Let me explain the rationale (perhaps the wrong word), which may only make the hole deeper.

Most of these tracks I enjoy hugely, but would fall into the bucket of things I would never buy. I decided that as the tracks were ‘free’ (particularly given the ability to predict whether the Pepsi bottle was a winning one pre-purchase), those redeemed did not fall under the same scrutiny as those purchased from the likes of HMV or Amazon. So I used the opportunity to buy stuff that I liked but would never buy.

There are, as always, some exceptions – I would have no qualms buying INXS (or Inxes as it was once pronounced in a pub quiz in Elland), Blondie, the Pretenders, Franklin. But in the main, the above is made up of tracks that I enjoy in the radio world, but would never buy. I now have them, and they all have been awarded five iPod stars, which makes me happy.

Apologies to Ben for the embarrassment that this post may cause.

By Dan on 8 May, 2005 · Posted in Life, Music

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andski says:

I don’t know which is worse – the choice of songs or your apparent pride in having selected them…

Posted on May 11th, 2005

Dan says:

The pride, I think!

Posted on May 11th, 2005

Stevie C says:

A mixed bag of musical fruit and nuts Mr H! Nice choice on Blondie and The Pretenders.

I must confess to being a bit mystified at the inclusion of Tiffany and dandy alcoholic highwayman Adam Ant, who seems to have hijacked your Ipod and held your good taste to ransom. Ridicule, in this case, is very much something to be scared of.

Posted on May 16th, 2005