I once claimed that there was only a need for three fonts in life: Tahoma, SAS Monospace and Kristin. I’ve since changed my tune. You only need two – SAS Monospace and Verdana. Kristin is a hand-writing-type font, which I included as I must have been going through a phase. Tahoma was a little too rounded after all, and Verdana is a much more suitable font for documents, emails etc. (For the record, SAS Monospace is by far the nicest fixed-width font I’ve come across, which is even more special as it only comes with SAS, a wonderful piece of statistical analysis software.)

On a similar theme, there’s only a certain number of pastas that you ever need. Again, I think the number is three, but it could be trimmed to two. You need your spaghetti, and some may argue that you need a linguine to go along with it. In addition, you need a smaller pasta of your choosing (bows, spirals, whatever).

The problem with pasta is that each type has a different cooking time. So if you buy different types, when you go from packet to packet, you have a bit of a problem. Even different types of what seems to be the same pasta-style have different cooking times.

Fortunately, Ronzoni (our chosen brand) has a number designated to each pasta type. And I’ve now settled on my three pasta types to avoid the above problem – thin spaghetti, thin linguine and rigatoni, conveniently numbered 9, 18 and 27 respectively. Given this numerical order, I’ll never buy the wrong type of spaghetti again.


4 Responses to “Pastas”

  1. Sean on May 17th, 2005 00:01

    I sometimes wonder what your on…….

  2. Stevie C on May 17th, 2005 01:53

    It’s a perennial problem, the respective cooking times of pasta varieties. The fact you’ve indulged in a little ‘fusion cooking’ by combining incompatible types surprises me Dan, and seems at odds with your organised world. I never had you down for a fusilli or vermicelli man due to their irregularity of shape, though am heartened you’ve arrived at firm favourites after no doubt exhaustive investigations. Or have you chosen these specifically due to the fact they are all neat multiples of 9? If I was a betting man…

  3. Dan on May 17th, 2005 04:27

    Good to hear that you’re back commenting, Mr. C. I have to say that it’s rare that I’ll combine pasta types in a single pan, for the very reason of my organised world – it just ain’t right!

    As for the three varieties, they kind of self-selected themselves, although I did go with the thin spaghetti (9) over the normal spaghetti (something not divisible by 9) in order to conform.

    As for Tiffany (previous post by Stevie C.), not sure why it made it into the list, but as they say, there’s no accounting for taste…

  4. Rob on May 17th, 2005 20:36

    Well said Sean!

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