Libertines etc.

Thanks to Joost for introducing me to the Libertines’ Time for Heroes from the Up the Bracket album. Had a great morning walk to work today listening to the My Top Rated playlist. The Kings of Leon’s Happy Alone has just kicked in. Just as some people try to eat Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles without chewing, try and listen to that track without moving your head – you just can’t.

Someone has probably already thought of (and made lots of money out of) this idea, but I thought I’d share. Given the simplicity of the iPod user experience, wouldn’t it be good if you could download skins for your player via iTunes. You could configure the function of each of the buttons and have a different display than the standard. Particularly appealing with the new photo-versions given the colour display. Thoughts?

Oh, another lyrical grammatical faux-pas for you from Madness’s Embarrassment: I’m feeling twice as older.


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