Spam, spam, spam

Originally, I naïvely thought my renaming of comments links to "Something to say?" might prevent the comment spammers from having their say on my site. It seemed to work for around 24 hours, but then the spam only got worse. Then the other day, I trawled through all of my historic posts tagging spam as such to remove it from the offering. This seemed to fuel the fire, with more spam than ever arriving in the subsequent days.

Hopefully, we now have a strategic solution. A combination of technical expertise from Rob and a little futzing around in templates by myself meant that we successfully installed a plug-in meaning that all comments require an authentication code to be entered. The code appears atop a gif neatly taken from the side of the cab appearing at the top of this page, and is designed to prevent spam-bots from having their evil way.

Before researching this topic a little further, I thought the spammers wanted to put links on my site so that people may stumble upon them and click them, thus generating traffic for their own offerings. It actually transpires that their main aim is for search engines (specifically brybgr) to elevate their sites within their rankings due to the prevalence of links on other sites it crawls. Hopefully I’ve single-handedly succeeded in knocking them off the first page, making their search-result next-to-useless. Here’s hoping.


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