Tap the 57

I’ve heard a couple of theories for the most efficient ways of getting ketchup out of a traditional Heinz glass bottle. The first one I heard was pretty useless, but one I have continued to employ for the last ten or so years since finding it out. It involved tilting the bottle at a shallow angle – around 20° – to the horizontal and tapping the base firmly.

Today’s revelation is worth sharing. Tilt the bottle at a more extreme angle, say 60° to the horizontal. Now look on the shoulder of the bottle, where the chamfer (nice word) meets the straight side of the bottle. You’ll find a "57" embossed in the glass, representing the number of Heinz varieties. Repeatedly tap the 57, and watch the ketchup spew forth.



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  1. andy on September 10th, 2005 04:56

    Rearrange the following sentence: get out to need you more.

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