New look and feel

I got a bit bored of the cab and the mustard, so I opted for a change at the weekend. I did quite a bit of futzing around re-skinning an existing template, and here’s the result.

The comment link is now above the post rather than below, so please use it to let me have feedback and comments. I’m keen to get something more interesting floating across the top, but I’m largely happy with the spacing and positioning, thanks to some UE help from Elise.


3 Responses to “New look and feel”

  1. andy on September 20th, 2005 02:30

    Shame. I always rather liked the mustard. Agree that you need to do something to stop it looking like A N Other blog, though not sure what. Some interaction with Google Earth maybe. I think it’ll be worth getting on that bandwagon early.

  2. Dan on September 20th, 2005 03:25

    Schoolboy error, Andy. You failed to recognise that my coding skills are not up to ‘integration’ or anything close.

    Sorry that you’re missing the mustard, but you should be able to find a cached version here:

    for a while at least.

    Please sign-off on your own ‘blog, at least to let people know that you’re not still in Tennessee…

  3. Old Man Turner on September 21st, 2005 00:59

    Dang nab it! If that wasn’t you Andy, who did I just give my last carton of eggs to?

    Dan is right, you really should tell us old folks when you leave Arizona!

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