Starbucks, Newcastle and hurricanes

Work has kicked off again, meaning that I’ve had less time to pontificate on the minutiae of life, and even less time to write about them.

Starbucks has changed its coffee lids of late, opting for a flat plastic lid as opposed to the raised one of old. While this may be environmentally friendly in using less plastic, it has adversely affected the coffee-drinking experience.

The flat lids allows less room for sloshin’ about, increasing the risk of spillage. Also, the peel-off spout is not sufficiently well-scored to allow for a clean break. Must try harder.

Hopefully, Michael Owen’s arrival at Newcastle will spark something. So far, he’s contributed to a 2-1-0 record compared to a 0-1-3 record before his arrival, taking us from a dismal 19th to eleventh.

It seems that Hurricane Rita swinging to the east before hitting the coast was a blessing for Houston, although some reasonably-sized towns on the Texas and Louisiana coastline look like they’ve been hit quite hard. Nothing in comparison to Katrina, although the levées have been breached once again in New Orleans, courtesy of Rita.

I’ve been reading with interest the whole subject of hurricane naming. It looks like this will be the first year in which they will get through the entire alphabet (with the exceptions of Q, U, X, Y and Z which are not used) and have to resort to greek letters. Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma are next in line. With the hurricane season continuing through November, it looks like Hurricane Alpha is a certainty.

Each region of the world has its own names and rules for naming and retiring, as described here. It looks like Katrina and Rita will be retired from use this year, adding to Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne that were retired last year.


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  1. Mum on September 25th, 2005 00:23

    I am unable to read all the text as the right hand column of archives, recently etc., are overlapping the text. Any clues as to what to do for an aged IT user??!!

  2. Dan on September 25th, 2005 04:09

    Ooops. That should do it. Margins issue on re-implementing Google Ads…

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