Football, football

A couple of great games of Saturday night football in the last couple of weeks.

Things had reached a bit of a head a few weeks previously, with some overly aggressive participants getting a little feisty. They’ve now left the field of play, and a new group of people has taken their place, so we have some old timers and some newbies.

Last Saturday saw a great nine-a-side game, with post-match revelries at the Ear. The highlight (from my point of view) was being provided a fantastic long-range assist (thanks, Judith) leaving me to beat the goalie. Also, an outside-of-the-foot shot swerving that bit too much into the right post drew some gasps from the few onlookers. Last night’s highlight was an even longer-range assist from Paul the goalie, one touch to control and one more to lob the floundering keeper.

The level of competence is good, and with the addition of a couple of kids, it brings a healthy balance of competition and fun. So, if you’re interested and local, pop on by to J. J. Walker Stadium, every Saturday night from 9-11pm. $20 per person for the September through December season can’t be bad.


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