Words we should borrow

Some words in other languages that we should anglify:

– bakku-shan (Japanese): a girl who appears pretty from behind, but not from the front
– Kummerspeck (German, literally meaning grief bacon): the excessive weight gained from emotion-related eating
– uitwaaien (Dutch): walking in windy weather for fun
– plimpplampplettere (Dutch): to skim stones.

And one that we perhaps shouldn’t:

– koshatnik (Russian): stolen cat dealer.


2 Responses to “Words we should borrow”

  1. Mum on September 26th, 2005 04:26

    Not much better!Mum x

  2. Stevie C on September 26th, 2005 23:46

    A word that sticks in my mind from a book that was knocking around inthe Telegraph days contained the English word ‘ucalegon’, which means ‘a neighbour whose house is on fire’. Admittedly, there’s a tiny window of opportunity for its use, but imagine how smug you’d be if you managed it. e.g. “Everyone, this is my ucalegon, Alan. Alan, this is everyone.”

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