My RNC membership renewal

In the mail yesterday, I received a letter from the Republican National Committee (RNC) asking why I’ve abandoned the Republican Party, asking "have I given up?" Apparently, their records indicate that they have not yet received my 2006 RNC membership contribution.

I looked up abandon in the dictionary and found the following definition: to withdraw one’s support or help from. That clearly suggests that support was there in the first place. I can categorically state that it wasn’t.

My contribution "is urgently needed to give President Bush … the resources [he] needs to run effective campaigns and win". I’m hoping that my imminent lack of contribution will have the opposite effect; let’s hope so.

"If the Democrats regain complete control of Congress this year, they will roll back all the gains we have made – and obstruct the remainder of President Bush’s bold second term agenda." Hm.

Finally, when I worked in direct marketing, there was always a conversation to be had around what date should appear at the top of the letter. Mailing times were often extended to benefit from TMIs (Tailor Made Incentives offered by the Royal Mail for heavy mailers), and production time was not necessarily fully within your control, so you had to choose a date sufficiently imminent to avoid it being delivered before being ‘written’, and sufficiently far ahead to come across as being stale. The RNC has avoided this problem quite artistically by dating their letter "Monday Morning".


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