March madness

So, March was a fun month on the blog front! For some reason, I’ve been post-happy, with 41 posts in March alone, or 1.32 posts per day. The previous high was in January when I posted as often as I took my daily vitamins, an even 31 posts.

Traffic was also high, with the second highest monthly total for page impressions (67,511; 2,177 per day) and by far the highest number of visits (19,764; 637 per day), dwarfing the previous monthly high of 13,846 back in July 2005.

The most popular single post visited in March was Pastas, maybe in part thanks to a direct link from Alan some time ago.

Search terms included the ever-present Beckhams (searches for Brooklyn Beckham directed people here 187 times; Romeo accounted for a further 20), PAS 78, lots of Deal or No Deal formula-related traffic and Karl Pilkington’s diary. Also, lots of recent interest in the corn on the cob card, which I’d forgotten about.

And the international community is loving it, the most visiting countries being the US, Costa Rica (?), the UK, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. India, Canada, Japan and Holland complete the top ten, Holland accounting for just over 200 hits.

The total post count has crept up to 432, or 300 if we’re working base 12! That’s a decimal average of 0.682 posts per day since it all started on 6 July 2004 (0.823 in twelvimal).


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