Annoying changes to has changed. For those of you unaware of its service, among other things it allows you to tell the world when you’ve posted something of interest (or otherwise).

While its user interface is much slicker and more professional (and, for the record, significantly slower), they have decided to encompass some fundamental features under the same URL, using that oh so beautiful frames feature that was so prominent in the ’90s.

As a result, its homepage has the same URL as the form to ping them about a post update (the only page I was ever interested in). The embedding of most of this form’s information in the URL, which was useful from a bookmarking perspective, is no longer an option. Instead, whenever I post, I have to go to their homepage, click on ping, and enter all the information from scratch.

I’m sure there are other frustrated users out there. If only they tracked people’s entry points into the site; then they would have thought twice about framing this feature.


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  1. Sereena X on April 12th, 2006 01:13

    That is a drastically misguided design.

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