A new comedy documentary?

My recent post about the quality (or lack thereof) of Lennon’s Imagine caused more discussion about the chosen adjective than the overall sentiment behind the post. Maybe it’s not a contentious viewpoint after all.

I forwarded the post to my friend Steve, whose webmaster prevents this site reaching his PC, and whose musical knowledge is second to none I know. (My wife is a close second, but even she would flounder – yes Simon, flounder – if asked to quote the surname of either Charles or Eddie without recourse to Google. Even Google would struggle on that one, me thinks.)

For what it’s worth, below is his review:

It’s is a nice likkle song, though it’s been turned into the anthem it doesn’t really deserve to be due to its yearning optimistic sentiment and that fact that an unfortunate bout of ‘Chapmania’ pumped its writer full of lead, thereby ensuring instant martyrdom and the adoption of his most popular song by a million wannabe hippies about the shameful material nature of humankind.

Anyway, I digress, as did he. The point behind the post is the ensuing discussion with Steve, which led to my suggestion for a new TV series: a comedy documentary (commentary?) that analyses great works, focusing wholly on their faults, existent or otherwise?

Someone like Simon Sharma, Dan Cruickshank or Tony Robinson (or more likely Jeremy Clarkson or Ricky Gervais) would visit the Great Wall of China to ridicule its shoddy pointing, and cast aspersions on the irregularity of the Pyramids’ steps and the lack of a nose on the Great Sphinx of Giza during a similar trip to Egypt. Meanwhile the Incas would be castigated for building Machu Picchu in such an inaccessible place, while Dosdoyevsky’s works would be banished to the "Children’s" section of the library due to compositional ineptitude. All of this in the style of a serious documentary.



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  1. Rob on April 12th, 2006 16:08

    Dan the TV producer? I don’t think so… don’t give up your day job!

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