Orthodox Jews bag a bargain during Passover

I’m not sure why, but an image struck me as bizarre today. In the middle of Passover week, I saw a Hasidic Jewish family, complete with Jewish dress and Payot (sideburns) for the men, buying a Kate Spade bag from a dodgy bag salesman on the north side of Ground Zero. (The adjective here applies to both the bags and the salesman.)

It just struck me as incongruous.


2 Responses to “Orthodox Jews bag a bargain during Passover”

  1. Israel ben Eliezer on April 19th, 2006 06:19

    Are we not people too…with material needs. Where are we suppose to keep our Talith and Tefilin? In a plastic shopping bag? Can’t we have designer Tzitzit? I object to your post and pray that you have to wear a heavy black coat and hat in the summer. You are mashugana!

  2. Dan on April 19th, 2006 07:52

    I was commenting more on the incongruousness of the people’s heavily religious look and the fact that they were buying black-market goods from the side of the street.

    No wonder religion is at the root of so many wars based on your reaction…

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