My forays into web dev.

So, my reading the books on PHP and CSS got me playing with my stylesheets and code a little, getting out of my depth, some may say.

One of my regular readers (thanks, Andrew) pointed out a bug to me that affected the rendering of the comments form in IE. The right-hand panel was stacking below the main post, and some of the form elements were not rendering at all, making commenting impossible. For whatever reason, Firefox was fine.

Given that it was Andrew wanting to comment, some may say the bug was actually a welcome feature. Nonetheless, I tried to resolve it immediately, but after some futile efforts last night, I recommended he join the Firefox world, which he has now done.

My friend Elise kindly troubleshot for me this evening, and identified a rogue exclamation mark in closing a comment in the html. Not in a month of Sundays would I have found that, yet she was there within two minutes, after having been sidetracked by an unrelated issue with the stylesheet.

I now know that I introduced the bug when commenting out some fields that were redundant in the comments form about a month ago. My exclusive allegiance to Firefox means that I never picked it up.

Apologies to any IE-using, comment-hungry readers out there. It’s fixed now so get commenting, so long as they’re savoury. My latest commenter was promoting an Asian p*rn site.


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  1. Loyal Reader on April 21st, 2006 03:16

    Glad it is now fixed….what was the URL for the Asian po*n site…thanks

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