Search rankings

It’s always questionable behaviour to post about people’s search habits in getting to your site, as the mere act of doing so further promotes these keywords and elevates your site in the rankings. However, I find it interesting, which over-rules the questionable behaviour argument.

Apparently, the query that people have used that returns this site highest in the average Google rankings is chelsea m harrison, bringing it in second. Searching now, I can’t seem to find it.

maximus decimus meridious [sic] brings it back in third, as does draggable dan. "dan harrison", both with and without quotes, brings it back fourth. And karl pilkington’s diary earns a respectable fifth. jimmie krankie comes in ninth!

My posting on the BSI’s PAS 78 guidelines had the highest overall ranking.

I subscribed to Google Sitemaps, the source of this data, a few months ago mainly to see what it had to offer. I have to say, it’s quite vanilla, and I’m surprised there’s not more information available. Since my initial interest, I completely forgot about it, until reading an interesting post about search engine behaviour written by Google’s Vanessa Fox on Matt Cutts’ blog.


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