The BBC goes tabloid

I’ve long known that Matt Frei for being staunchly political, specifically anti-Bush. It often comes through in undertones in his articles.

But today’s article about the effect of rising petrol prices and the president’s response takes this to another level. It is almost as if it has been written by a Democrat out to oust Bush. And it’s not just Bush that he takes a pop at; the third paragraph targets the whole of America:

Bewailed in country songs and popular ballads, it is forcing ordinary people to do extraordinary things – like car pooling, riding the bike to work, selling their second SUV, or doing a "walk-thru" at their local burger joint instead of a "drive-thru".

This isn’t where the BBC should be, and this article, while containing elements of truth, will only serve to weaken American/British ties. It could have been so much better without the emotive phrases that belong in the red-tops, not in the world’s most respected news organisation.


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