The NFL draft

The NFL draft is taking place today in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. Officially, it’s called the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting, and it’s the occasion when college players are chosen by NFL teams for the upcoming season.

In the past, there have been up to 30 rounds of draft picks; this year, there will be seven. In each round, each of the 32 teams picks a player based on their own squad’s needs. In the first round, each team gets 15 minutes to choose, a nice round eight hours if everyone uses all of their allotted time. This drops to ten minutes in the second round, and five minutes in the five subsequent rounds.

In each round, the team with the worst record the previous season is up first, and the Steelers take the last pick, being last season’s Super Bowl winners. However, teams can trade draft picks: for example, the Steelers have traded with the Giants in Round One, meaning that the Steelers took the 25th pick, while the Giants will take the final 32nd pick.

Similarly, Denver traded up to eleventh pick, even though they reached the AFC final. Interestingly, they selected a Quarterback (Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt), presumably to bolster Plummer who was sketchy last season.

The whole thing is broadcast live on ESPN. I survived three picks before I had to turn off.


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