Oooh, chimpancy that: Monkey News (yer f…)

Copy in the BBC’s live coverage of sporting events probably doesn’t undergo the same level of internal scrutiny as does the site’s less dynamic content. I’m not sure whether there is a simple two-step create/approve workflow, or whether it’s simply a one-step creation.

Anyway, judging by the pace at which the 2006 World Snooker Championship final is being contested, it could probably go through a far more rigorous workflow and still be up to date.

Last week, a squirrel’s arrival on the pitch during the north London derby resulted in some amusing comments about the referee looking to show it the red card. Unfortunately, I think the BBC regards these pages as throw-away, to be replaced by a more comprehensive article once the event is over; they certainly don’t appear in search results. Often, the live updates make for comedic reading.

Today, there is the gem below taken from coverage of the Dott/Ebdon final:

Like a couple of chimps in London Zoo, Ebdon and Dott continue to scratch about as the match approaches the mid-session interval.

It reminded me of the worst metaphors found in High School papers, which makes for great reading. I expect that Karl Pilkington has interpreted this simile literally, and that it will be gracing Monkey News before too long.

By Dan on 1 May, 2006 · Posted in Sport

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