Brooklyn fire compared to 9/11

We took a cab up the FDR on the east side very early this morning, and happened upon some impressive views of a fire that engulfed eight warehouse buildings over in Brooklyn. Flames were leaping out of the buildings, while fire boats on the East River attempted to curb its progress.

As an aside, there’s an amusing sentence in the Reuters coverage of the fire, aimed at people who aren’t aware what miles are:

Smoke could be seen for miles (kilometers).

In tonight’s TV news coverage, the fire is being compared to 9/11, it being the biggest fire since that day five years ago. I believe I am being accurate when I say that not a day has gone by since our arrival in New York without hearing some mention of 9/11 – arguments over memorials, re-construction issues, complaints over compensation, terrorism threats, health issues, you name it. Even when stories are seemingly unrelated to the event, as in today’s example, some tenuous link is crow-barred into the story.


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