An interesting, if slightly bitter, article in the Consulting Times about the consultant’s role within the NHS. It’s as interesting for its highlighting of erroneous statistics as for its point of view.

It’s easy to take a swipe at consultants with sweeping statements, the one below from Dr. Paul Miller of the BMA:

I don’t believe that the health service gets good value for money from these consultants, who have no background in health.

On this point, it has always struck me as odd that Ministers are appointed without the need for subject matter expertise in their department.

A quote that the government has spent "£52.5m in six years on management consultants for the health service" struck me as mightily low.

There will often be a role for consultants to play, no more so than in organisations as large and complex as the NHS. Only by embracing the change that they can bring will the NHS realise the value for money that they offer.


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