Women in the Masters? I think not

Hootie Johnson always scared the crap out of me when administering the proceedings involving the famous green jacket after the US Masters. He is one of the most backward people I’ve ever seen in such a seemingly important position; I suppose that’s what generations of in-breeding does to a man.

It seems that his successor, Billy Payne, who takes over the role on 21 May, is a chip off Hootie’s block. Today, he ruled out even talking about the possibility of women joining the Augusta National. He’s a Georgia native, btw.


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  1. RCollins on May 9th, 2006 05:38

    I read about this in today’s (5/9) NY Times. If forced to give any more time to the question, I find that I’m of two minds; one regarding membership to Augusta Natonal, and the other regarding who may or may not play in the Master’s tournament.

    In the first case, I’m in agreement with N.O.W. Even though my feelings may be tempered by the admissions procedure (does one apply or is one invited)my personal and historical experience always leads me back to the same place; if you can meet all of the other criteria, gender (just as race) should play no part in the admissions selection process. And, despite what Hootie and is ilk may think, there would be many positives to allowing women to join, among them: – It would/could greatly increase the number of potentiaal members thereby increasing the club’s potential revenue stream, – It would be GREAT pr, AND IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER ANYWAY (as it happened with blacks so will it happen with women).

    As to the Master’stournament, I’m not sure that women should be allowed to play against men in this tournament (or any other). Although the PGA rules do not specifically exclude women from playing on the men’s tour, it should be obvious that most women would not be able to sustain a successful PGA career not because of lesser talent, but simply because of the strength differences between the sexes. BTW #1 – it is my understanding that LPGA rules prohibit men from playing on the women’s tour.

    Having said that, I understand why Annika Sorenstan and Michelle Wie are so intent upon being able to play with the men: money. Purses on the LPGA tour are miserly compared to the PGA. And as I said before, the ladies are talented. But even their superstars do not seem to have the starpower necessary to substantially increase the purses. So it’s going to take someone to be the “Billy Jean King” of golf to put the LPGA tour on more of an equal footing with the men’s tour.
    BTW #2 – Many memberships are extended to, and accepted by, people who MIGHT NEVER VISIT THE CLUB !! Many of these are captains of industry who have little or no interest in Augusta National (CEO of Amer. Expr., Ken Chenault, CEO of Merrill Lynch, can’t think of his name)
    BTW #3 – The Master’s is the only ‘major’ tournament held at the same course every year. Personally, I’d like to see The British Open held at The R & A (St. Andrew’s) every year … love that hard-ass course !!!

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