Idol update

My prediction a little over a month ago that Paris Bennett would win this year’s American Idol was proven wrong last week when she was voted off. I don’t think anyone could argue with her talent. But when not singing, she became annoying, and while singing, she became arrogant.

Tonight saw a much greater shock: the demise of Chris Daughtry. As a result, the final three will be Taylor, Kat and Elliott. Elliott produced a sterling performance last night to earn his place in the last three, as did Taylor. Kat was dreadful, and I am astounded that she survived the vote. I have no doubt that Chris will become successful despite not making the top three, but this was a real shock.


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  1. Deb on May 12th, 2006 09:29

    Chris was my favorite. If he starts producing records, I’m buying them! :o)

    Of the 3 left, I like Kat & Taylor… but I suspect Elliot might win it… just ’cause I don’t like him much. Taylor is the most consistent of the group, I think. We’ll see!

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