More US vs. UK comparisons

As Elise rightly pointed out to me, you only get to understand the people and ways of your own country if you’ve been away for a while. Below are some examples that I’ve come across in my first three days back.

I took some stuff to the dry cleaners on Wednesday. The guy asked when I wanted it back. I suggested Saturday, and, looking agitated, he said he’d do his best. Three working days and no guarantee: that would be unheard of in the States. I later went to pick up my shoes from the cobblers, handing over my bank card for the £35 transaction. "Sorry, we don’t take cards. Cash only." I was dumbfounded.

I’ve just finished sorting out the kitchen, washing up everything that came out of storage and getting things ship-shape. In doing so, I was surprised at how small our microwave and fridge are. They were a fine size before we went to the US, and they’re the same appliances, but now that our expectations have been adjusted, they’re surpisingly small.

I have one very notable exception on the UK customer service front: New Heights. Their customer service has been superlative.


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