Double D

Before this post took effect (at the time of writing it is a future activity), my blog had a total of 500 posts and 500 non-spam comments. Quite neat. I was hoping to reach 512 posts before leaving America (I have less influence over the number of comments than the number of posts), but didn’t force the issue, despite the plethora of posts of late.

Started a new contract (work) today, which was very enjoyable. Still trying to figure out the idiosyncrasies of the London Underground’s Oyster card (it was introduced just before I left the UK, but the pre-pay thing isn’t at all obvious), and I’m baffled by the acceptance of smoking in pubs, but all in all I’m getting used to the British way of life again. The fact that the toilets smell of piss (more so than is necessary) aggravates the shit, or at least the piss, out of me.

A hectic four-day weekend planned before starting work in earnest on Tuesday.


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  1. JohnnyM on May 26th, 2006 00:35

    My boss, a little Malay girl from Melbourne, blames the state of the loos on awful British drinking behaviour. She says that everyone, especially the men, are far more sophisticated and well mannered in Australia and would never dream of pissing or puking on the floor like they do all the time here. Now I’ve been to the Walkabout and to The Church and all those people must have come from a completely different Australia.

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