Finding things, or not

I often have difficulty finding things, even when they may be right in front of me. Here’s my analysis of the situation.

If I have to look for something, I first picture the item I’m looking for in my mind, and then go hunting for that vision of the object. If the reality of the object differs from my picture of it, then I can struggle.

For example, if I look for the butter (vegetable spread) in the fridge, I’ll picture the tub with the branding that I think we have at the time. (I’m not a loyal butter buyer.) If we have, say, Flora instead of the Bertolli that I envisaged, then I can be looking for five, ten minutes before I find it.

Tonight, I was looking for the lid of the pan I’d just taken out. I was envisioning a green Le Creuset pan lid, with a black circular handle in the centre. The lid was turned upside down, so was cream with no such handle showing. It took the best part of five minutes to find, despite being right in front of me.

It’s very frustrating, but I struggle through.


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  1. Jon on June 3rd, 2006 20:14

    This is typically a guy thing – apparently all to do with being programmed to be hunters – finding particular shapes and colours – so when it doesn’t look like what you’re expecting, you’re in trouble.

    It’s not the same for women, which is why they can just stick their hand in the fridge and pick it out – they look at what’s in there and find the butter, rather than deciding what it looks like before trying to find it.

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