This weekend, I’m venturing up to Halifax to see my Mum, and hopefully to see my Dad. A couple of years ago, I would have hopped into my VW Beetle Cabriolet and enjoyed the beautiful evening with the top down all the way. Alas, I no longer have a car, so I opted for the train, the only reasonable alternative.

Great North Eastern Railways’ price for the London to Leeds return has increased by 37.5% in the last two years, from £60 to £82.50, an annual increase of 17.3%. I saw a news story about concerns over inflation recently, but I wasn’t aware it was this bad. The price of a can of XXXX hasn’t shifted much, however.

It’s fast and smooth though, which I have to say I’m impressed with. And we just passed Emirates Stadium, which certainly looks impressive from the outside.


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