Mark Lawrenson

Another somewhat lacklustre performance by England yesterday afternoon against Ecuador, but three wins and a draw mean that we’re only three wins away from winning the World Cup.

The highlight of the game from the commentary side was Mark Lawrenson’s hysterical background laughter when Motson pointed out that a replay of Beckham looking somewhat ill in the middle of the pitch was edited highlights. (Beckham had earlier been seen throwing up on the pitch.)

The most annoying thing about the commentary is Lawrenson’s indecision as to whether he’s a northerner or a southerner. When saying Cole, in reference to either Ashley or Joe, his effort is tortuous. It almost sounds like curl. Make your mind up, Mark!


2 Responses to “Mark Lawrenson”

  1. Mario on June 26th, 2006 08:16

    Only a northerner would care

  2. Oscar on June 26th, 2006 08:58

    Well I was gutted, obviously, when the news of apologies came through to Ashley Cole.

    Football has become a less interesting place again.

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