Boots Meal Deal madness

The Boots Meal Deal (BMD) has suffered some significant price rises since I left he UK in 2004. If memory serves me, the BMD cost £2.85 in 2004; it now retails at £3.30, an annual increase of 7.6%. However, it’s not all bad.

The range has increased significantly, and throughout July, there’s a buy four, get one free offer on the table, bringing the average price down to £2.64. Factor in 13 points on your Boots card when you buy, this brings the price down to £2.51. Couple this with the 50p off your next BMD sticker adorning the front of today’s sandwich (roast chicken and stuffing), then you’re truly in the world of the crazy. Over £5 of value for a mere snip!

Today’s Shapers Blueberry and blackcurrant smoothie will taste all the better.


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  1. Rob on July 12th, 2006 13:17

    Don’t you remember the, “You know you’ve been living in London too long when…” email?

    One of them was “… you don’t flinch at buying a pre-packed sandwich for lunch.” or something like that.

    Shame on you Dan – go to a deli and get something freshly made, or bring your ingredients and make one at your desk, or have something more substantial alltogether?

    FWIW, I’m having Yum Cha at a local eatery for lunch in about 10 mins 🙂

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