Train madness

Ticketing on trains is ridiculous at the moment, as exemplified by the following announcement that the guard gave before my London to Birmingham train departed yesterday:

Saver tickets are not valid on this train unless you have supporting documents, unless you’re travelling beyond Shrewsbury.

Which tickets are valid on which trains on which routes is a horrible mess, confounded by the fact that different networks can service the same route.

It needs to be cleared up so that the customer can easily understand what they’re buying and what limitations that comes with.

As an aside, there was an amusing poster in the Virgin toilets carrying the title: Number Ones. At first I thought it was a notice about bathroom etiquette, but it was actually an advert for Virgin’s at-seat music service: "Listen to all your favourite hits at your seat".

By Dan on 18 July, 2006 · Posted in General

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