America does football and Liverpool

I quite enjoyed this article highlighted by my friend Gilbert. It’s by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, and talks through the seemingly logical, yet also illogical process that an American goes through to select an EPL team to support. Not sure if the EPL acronym (English Premier League) has made it over to the UK, but the Americans obviously needed a TLA to go alongside those of their other sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL.

The whittling down to the chosen team is somewhat bizarre, as are some of the ‘facts’ throughout the article, but still it makes for enjoyable reading. Dubious facts include Theo Walcott being dubbed the ‘LeBron of the EPL’; but my favourite was Liverpool being ‘an English city that everyone compares to Boston’ (maybe among people who haven’t been to Boston; or Liverpool) and with a ‘rivalry with London that mirrors Boston/New York’. Hm. And comparing Mourinho to Bill Belichick is somewhat off-mark.

Bill’s (Simmons, no Belichick) glorified view of Liverpool is at odds with that of his compatriot Washington Times reporter. In his short article about Liverpool written while covering the Open, there’s a likely more accurate view of the city (and the Adelphi hotel), culminating in this gem: ‘a stunningly dirty port town that should be renamed Cesspool’. Among other things, I remember Boston for its incredible cleanliness.


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  1. rob archer on July 24th, 2006 07:41

    Was enjoying this up to now!
    Everyone knows the Adelphi is a dump – he deserves what he gets if his research told him to stay there. 15 years ago Liverpool was a dump…but not now. It’s astonishingly vibrant, one of the best nights out in Europe, stunning architecture and a vibrant arts and sport scene.
    As for the first article, well at least he spared us Chelsea. Indeed, if a sort of insipid ‘flair’, a lacklustre dreaming of glory years which in reality were never really there beats the raw pride, passion, commitment and honour of playing for / supporting Liverpool FC then I’d suggest he made a first rate choice.
    He may as well have said that You’ll Never Walk Alone was a ‘neat tune’. To stand in the Kop on a Champions League night as it gets belted out once more would have told him it is what being a fan – what sport itself – is all about.

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