Is she pregnant?

There’s always that dichotomy as to whether to stand up on the Tube when someone that might be pregnant boards. The days of standing up for women in general seem to be over.

A lady boarded my carriage of the northbound Victoria line train at Vauxhall the other day. Including this lady, there were three people standing in the carriage (all women) and all seats were taken; and I would have put the chances of this particular lady being pregnant at 70%, perhaps 75%.

Above 50%, so I felt obliged to relinquish my seat; not nearly close enough to 100% for me to proffer it to her. So I took the only option I felt viable: I stood up without offering it to anyone in particular. Unfortunately, the seat remained unclaimed by any of the three women, and I stood for the remaining three stops to Green Park.


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  1. rob archer on July 24th, 2006 07:51

    as you have insulted Liverpool I will point out that this is not so much a dichotomy as a dilemma.

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