The government’s not ready for the internet

Here’s the proof.

On 11 July, I sent an email to Lambeth Council confirming the date on which we moved into our London property, as the Council Tax bill we’d received had started too soon. The email contained an email conversation with our letting agents confirming the previous tenancy end date. In my covering email, I requested a receipt confirmation before the end of that day. I didn’t get one.

I called Lambeth Council Tax centre on 18 July to confirm that they had received the email, and that they were re-issuing my bill. Despite not getting a bounceback email (and double-checking the email address over the phone), they claimed non-receipt of the email sent seven days prior. I re-sent that same day. Again, my request for a receipt confirmation fell upon deaf ears.

I called again today and they confirmed that they have received it. Now here’s the beautiful part. They told me that it takes ten working days for the email to be scanned and put on to the system. You may need to re-read that sentence to appreciate it fully.

Given that virus scanning is a quasi-instantaneous process, I can only imagine that scanning here means the process of converting the email to an electronic medium.

I’ll call back early August, when hopefully they’ll have a hard copy in front of them to refer to.


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  1. Mum on July 26th, 2006 09:59

    Goodest english teached hear!

    I’ll call back early August, when hopefully they’ll have a hard copy in front of them to refer to.?????

    I’ll call back early August, when, hopefully, they will be able to refer to a hard copy!!!

  2. Dan on July 26th, 2006 18:43

    Comma-itis. Over-use of commas irritates me hugely. The former flows much better; the latter is too stilted for my liking.

    As for the preposition at the end of the sentence, sue me! 😉

    And as for english, surely you mean English.

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