Weather maps: confused?

I genuinely don’t understand TV weather maps anymore. It was simple when there were icons over each area of the two-dimensional country: full suns, suns with white cloud, white or black cloud, one or two drops of rain (depending on the strength) or snowflakes. Where the icons weren’t sufficient, words would appear (‘fog’, ‘mist’ etc.) across swathes of the country. Little black arrows with numbers would indicate wind speed, while circles would contain Celsius temperatures.

Nowadays, the UK map is three-dimensional, with shadows, animated weather conditions and general confusion. Shadow could mean cloud or areas of lower temperature: I’m not quite sure.

It may look impressive, but I have little idea of what weather to expect in the morning. Bring back Michael Fish and magnetic icons.


One Response to “Weather maps: confused?”

  1. Mike on July 25th, 2006 10:59

    I know!

    Dan, you should take comfort in the fact that no matter what they are trying to tell you, it’s probably wrong, so if you interpret it incorrectly you may get an idea that is somewhat close to what may happen.

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