Joel gets a free Google Appliance

For those not aware of their work, the Google Appliance is basically a Google-in-a-box that you can configure to index your own site and link to your own search button. You can define very granular rules for both spidering/indexing and intervention (e.g. spell-check, recommended links) and essentially, it does the rest for you. You can also create a nice stylesheet to render your results.

They start at $30,000, allowing you to index up to 500,000 pages. And they’re yellow; bright yellow.

I remember watching a talk by John Battelle to Google employees on my iPod Video a few months back. At the end of the talk, one Google employee asked how she might spread the word on the Google App. John’s response was to give one or two to some high-profile web users, suggesting ‘that guy from Fog Creek’. Hey presto, one turns up on Spolksy’s doorstep. I wish he’d mentioned my name instead; or else Rob’s.


3 Responses to “Joel gets a free Google Appliance”

  1. Paul Feakins on August 1st, 2006 19:18

    Hey, I’m sure the cheapest Google Appliance that indexes 500,000 pages is far less than $30,000. More like $5000! It’s the unlimited page indexing one that is $30,000.

  2. Dan on August 3rd, 2006 03:14

    Not according to their website, Paul:


  3. Paul Feakins on August 3rd, 2006 09:17

    Ah, I was thinking of the Google Mini:

    ‘The Mini now comes in multiple versions. The most affordable Mini searches up to 50,000 documents for $1,995’

    Looks like I missed a zero but I knew they did something like that as I had to include its price in a quote for a client.


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