Comment masturbation

Over the past two years, one month and one week, I’ve made 560 posts, attracting 568 non-spam comments. (This is post 561 if you’re keeping count. The fact that it has ID number 620 in the URL is due to futzing around with test posts, mistakenly hitting the refresh button resulting in the same drivel being posted twice, etc.)

It’s quite comforting that the latter number is higher than the former, even though it’s a close-run thing, the comment/post ratio currently running at 1.016. It’s comforting even when you get what can only be described as death threats from the likes of Mario.

I read a few other people’s blogs, and hate it when I encounter something that I’ve decided to call comment wanking. This is when commenters have nothing to add to the discussion, but so rate the author and so want to be associated with his/her work that they decide to comment nonetheless. Matt Cutts’ recent post about product hierarchies has thus far attracted 53 comments, including wanking from Josh, Matt Whelan, theGypsy, Dave (Original) – many times over – the list goes on.


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  1. Dave on August 18th, 2006 08:57

    Maybe they’re not ‘wanking’ could be secret code speak to the Google Gods…

    or wanking…. lol.

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