Vocals and Springsteen

My Grandpa John used to have disdain for the human voice in the musical context, arguing that it wasn’t an instrument and should be banned from music altogether. (I’ll always remember that one of his favourite pieces of music was Johann Strauss’s vocally bereft Blue Danube.)

I have to disagree, although he’s no longer around to defend his stance. I love vocals in music, and they often make an otherwise conformist piece of music come alive.

On a related point, my housemate Glen used to harp on about the qualities of Bruce Springsteen, and this argument fell on my deaf ears for our three in east London. After over seven years with my wife, similarly obsessed by the man from New Jersey, I’m coming around to the argument. He’s done some gems, and his vocal style certainly lends credence to my side of the vocals argument above.


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  1. Rob on August 12th, 2006 17:36

    You know you’re getting old when…

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