Anniversary, dinner, the injustice of volumes and Bugsy Malone

Not much to report of late. Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary, which was a nice milestone to reach. I guess the anniversary passed at 17:30, given that we married in New York at 12:30, in a nice little chapel on Lexington and 40th Street.

Next, some guy has decided to exhibit photos of over 2,500 meals and snacks that he ate during the course of 2005. I couldn’t be bothered, but here’s tonight’s dinner, a fantastic roast chicken with sides of roast potatoes, peas, cauliflower, broccoli topped with gravy.

MY dinner

I’ve always struggled with the concept that the volume of a cube with unit sides has a unit volume, whereas a cube with sides two units in length has a volume of eight. I completely get the maths, but it just strikes me as odd.

We watched Bugsy Malone this morning. Not sure I’ve ever seen it all the way through, but it’s a good little film. There was a song called You Give A Little Love some which seems to switch mid-way through (much like the Pet Shop Boys’ Where The Streets Have No Name.) The latter half seemed very familiar, but I’m not sure why. Anyone?


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