Brabantia, blisters and losing your virginity on TV

Our 50 litre Brabantia bin is broken. The catch with which the lid snaps shut no longer snaps, so the lid flips back up again. So I went to their website to order a new catch – the bins are guaranteed for life, so it wasn’t a problem. However, the website’s welcome message read as follows:

Please stand-by while the page is loading.

I think there’s an errant hyphen in there; I don’t have a stand-by button.

Coincidentally, in the supermarket tonight, I picked up some bin-liners. In doing so, I had to use some basic geometry to work out my needs. The Brabantia liners (expensive) gave a diameter measurement; the Sainsbury’s liners (cheaper) gave a circumference measurement. My knowledge of pi means that the Sainsbury’s liner fits snugly.

Today saw the first 10km run of my training – the race is only five weeks away. It was the first time back on the road since a week-long cold last week. My route was actually 9.82km (according to Map My Run), which I completed in 47 minutes. A couple of blisters were my biggest nightmare; stamina doesn’t seem to be a problem. I need to shave a bit off that time to make it more respectable, though. I did swear (fucking cock, if I remember rightly; my Mum would be proud) at a dog owner in Battersea Park who decided to throw a ball in my path. The ball posed no threat; the ball-pursuing Alsatian was more narrowly avoided. His owner’s argument that it was a park, not a running track faded to nothing as I pounded towards Albert Bridge.

En route, I also passed a speed camera on Grosvenor Road, designed to catch those quick off the mark at the Vauxhall Bridge lights. I was running in the opposite direction to the trap, but it still flashed, despite there being no traffic at the time. I can only assume my lightning speed sent it into confusion.

Finally, an advert in today’s Metro for the tat this is the Daily Mail read as follows:

Would you admit to losing your virginity on television?

Surely you wouldn’t have to; most people would know, right? With which verb is on television associated?


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  1. elise on September 11th, 2006 09:05

    personally, i prefer when they list the volume of the bin bags (garbage bags), rather than the dimensions, as the bins themselves often come with their volume indicated (and i’m bad with dimensions, metric or otherwise).

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