Laptops and over-pronation

It seems that my laptop has finally given up the ghost. The power supply is iffy to say the least and is now refusing to do its duty; meanwhile, when it is powered, the fan on the laptop itself works overtime to little effect. Probably time to invest in a new one. This is being posted from my phone.

Today I went to Niketown to buy some new trainers. I was skeptical about the whole over-pronation thing, but decided to investigate nonetheless. They’ve got a couple of treadmills set up with video cameras behind. It was quite amazing the difference in how my feet impacted on the treadmill when wearing two different trainers. Wearing a trainer without an inner support, the outside of my foot hit the treadmill, and my lower leg jarred inwards as the inside of the foot hit the floor. With an inner support, there was no such jarring. So I left with a great pair of Nike Air Zoom Cesiums.

On the way home, while waiting in Stockwell station for the southbound Northern Line, the voice over the tannoy informed me that the station was fitted with CCTV cameras for my own protection. Unsure who I was being protected against: criminals or the police.


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  1. Cheboiboch on September 4th, 2006 04:12

    If you want to go the whole hog and analyse what pressure points are moving over your feet as you run go to who will replace your insoles with something designed for your feet.

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